A Dunkin’ Employee Just Dropped a Truth Bomb About Where Your Donuts Come From

Although Dunkin’ is normally known for serving fresh brewed coffee, one franchisee is spilling the tea on a secret involving the chain.

TikTok user Amir Mohamed, who describes himself as a “Second Generation Dunkin’ franchisee,” recently uploaded a video explaining where Dunkin’ locations source their doughnuts each day. And let’s just say you might need a long sip of your Dunkin’ Spiked for the surprising reveal.

“So as a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee, you have three options to get doughnuts. You can A, bake them yourself in your own kitchen inside the restaurant. You can have them delivered from a central kitchen, which you and other franchisees team up to build. [It’s] called a CML. Or you could order JBOD, which are like disgusting frozen doughnuts,” Mohamed explained in the TikTok.

Mohamed went on to reveal that his shop initially baked their doughnuts on-site, but later moved on to the more convenient CML option.

“Personally, I love that when we made them in house because I felt like the doughnuts were bigger. Everything was filled better, it just tasted better. But sometimes it becomes too much and we switched to a CML,” he revealed.

For some commenters, the video served as an “aha” moment as to why certain Dunkin’ locations have better tasting doughnuts than others.

“DD near me must get those frozen ones. You can tell they are not fresh. Always stale and sometimes crunchy. Absolute travesty,” said one user.

“This explains why one Dunkin is so damn good and the other one near is so bad,” another person commented.

Mystery solved!

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