Costco Fans Swear the Newest Kirkland Item Is a Copycat of This Fast-Food Sandwich

No need to leave the house for this yummy sandwich.

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We tend to make a big deal around here of what’s in the Costco bakery or the super convenient prepared heat-and-eat meals and sides Costco shoppers can grab for a quick dinner after shopping. But sometimes, you can find fantastic quick meals in Costco’s freezer section, too.

Costco has a new Kirkland Signature breakfast item that looks delicious, filling, and—probably not coincidentally—much like a breakfast sandwich sold at Starbucks. Costco already sells a version of Starbucks’ famous egg bites. Now, it’s selling a breakfast sandwich that looks like a dead ringer for the Starbucks Double-Smoked Bacon, Cheddar, and Egg Sandwich served on its signature croissant bun.

Kirkland Signature Breakfast Sandwich

That Starbucks sandwich sounds tasty, but it also sounds like you have to get in your car, drive to Starbucks, and wait in line before eating it. You could also DoorDash the sandwich from Starbucks and wait who-knows-how-long for a lukewarm, possibly soggy sandwich to show up at your door, too.

Or, you could open your freezer and grab a similar sandwich from the box of Kirkland Signature Breakfast Sandwiches in your freezer.

Instagram’s Costcobuys found them in the Costo’s freezer section and said they have “a spiral butter croissant bun, applewood smoked bacon, egg, and cheese!” That sounds exactly like the Starbucks version. In the comments, someone else confirmed the cheese is Cheddar and added, “They’re great!”

The box of eight sandwiches sells for $15.99, about $2 per sandwich. Comparatively, the Starbucks sandwich costs about $5.50 and can be hard to get.

“Good,” one commenter said, “because that…double smoked is always sold out.”

“Add this to the shopping list,” another said.

While we can’t see the cooking directions for these sandwiches on the post, the box does say fully cooked. They’re probably microwavable. On a Reddit thread about the sandwiches, someone mentioned that they followed the air fryer instructions on the box, which we imagine will make a less soggy sandwich than heating it in the microwave, although it will take a bit longer.

Like most fast food breakfast sandwiches, there’s a significant fat, sodium, and calorie count on these bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches, but if you keep a box of these in the freezer, grabbing one every once in a while for a quick, filling breakfast (or lunch or dinner) might be just what you need to fuel up for a busy day during the holiday season.

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