Costco Is Selling 25-Piece Food Storage Containers for Only $8, and Shoppers are Running to Get Theirs


With the larger-than-life dinners of the holidays officially in our rearview, the need to store any lingering leftovers is top of mind for most of us as we rapidly approach 2024. From remnants of turkey to the last few scoops of grandma’s candied yams, there are so many goodies left to transfer into storage containers. And if you didn’t happen to get a set for Christmas this year, bulk grocer Costco has one last gift up its sleeve.

The warehouse-style chain has long been at the forefront of stores delivering for the season and this year was no exception. This year’s list of offerings saw the likes of a Buttermilk Cinnamon Streusel Cake, Ginger Chicken Soup Dumplings and even Mini Boursin Cheese-Filled Brioches. Of course, all of those goodies means plenty of leftover inventory and the retailer just dropped a deal on containers we’re positively glad about (pun intended).

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When it comes to storage containers, the litany of options available can range in style, price and size. A 25-piece glass set can cost upwards of $35 and a plastic one can still run you a cool $20. But what if you could grab an entire set for just $8? Thanks to Costco, now you can! Dedicated Costco account @costco_doesitagain spotted a 50 piece set of Glad Takeaway Reusable Storage Containers at the wholesale chain, and you’ll want to grab at least two packs.

Included in each package you’ll receive 25 black 28-ounce plastic containers and 25 clear plastic lids that you can reuse well beyond the holidays. Not only are the containers reusable, but they’re also microwave and dishwasher safe for up to 100 washes! With the complete set being listed at the bargain price of $7.99, each assembled container costs no more than $.32 cents.

At a price that low, we’ll definitely be making our way to Costco to grab a few packs for next year’s festivities. If you’ve already sent your friends and family home with leftovers and are looking for something to fill your newly acquired storage containers with Costco has a massive meat, fruit and cheese platter perfect for your post holiday meal prep.

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