Costco’s Latest Bakery Item Is Being Called the ‘Best Thing in the Entire Store’

It’s not a regular croissant; it’s a cool croissant.

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Amelia Manley/Dotdash Meredith

Photo: Getty Images

Costco is not shy of offering us many tasty treats in the bakery section. We’re all about the Biscoff Cream Cake that was spotted this month and the Pumpkin Spice Loaf we enjoyed throughout the fall season.

So when we hear people talking about a new bakery item, we are naturally intrigued, especially when it’s said to be the “best” new item in the store. We can’t imagine how Costco will beat its “wildly good” Black Forest Bar Cake with the thick whipped cream frosting, but we’ve always been fond of a good challenge.

Costco’s New Croissant Loaf by Schwartz Brothers Bakery

Costco has its new Schwartz Brothers Bakery Croissant Loaf in its bakery section, and customers are ecstatic. Not only do you get two loaves in a pack but you get them for only $8.69.

Greg Young, the face of Instagram’s worthabuck, posted a video about this exciting new find, saying, “This might be the best thing Costco’s ever had in their entire store.”

Comments came flooding in: “I got 3 packs already…It’s amazing,” and, “It’s definitely my new favorite.” Those who have yet to try the loaf all said that they “can’t wait to try it” with some commenting, “Oooo! I want to see what it looks like when you open it! Sounds delicious!”

Greg offers a few suggestions on how to enjoy this loaf, too, such as using it to make French toast, grilled cheese, or “just toasted with butter.” Many commenters agreed that smothering a slice or two with jam is a good idea. We can’t argue with that.

And since it comes with two loaves, one person suggested freezing a loaf so it will stay fresh until you decide to use it. However, on a recent Reddit thread dedicated to this croissant loaf, a user said that they “bought this last week and quickly went through both loaves,” so we’re thinking it may be hard to store for long.

On the Schwartz Brothers Bakery website, it states the loaf is “flaky and buttery” and is made of “handcrafted croissant dough,” so no wonder people are excited—and going through two packs so quickly. Plus, with all the ways to enjoy these loaves, we can’t wait to give them a try. 

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