Jennifer Garner Wore the Throwback Accessory That’s Actually Genius for Winter

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It’s right in line with balletcore, too.

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Cold feet? Easy. Throw on thick cashmere socks, and your toes will be nice and toasty. Cold calves? I guess I haven’t really thought about that, though looking back now, I’ve definitely dealt with that in the heart of winter. But guess what? Jennifer Garner has a solution that I’ll be implementing into my routine ASAP — and it’s pretty darn genius, and TBH, it’s cute, too.

Garner is no stranger to quirky looks. She plays favorites with denim overalls that some people might say are only fit for farmers, but the actress clearly doesn’t think so, given her vast collection. She also wears a lot of leggings, with her (and my) go-to being Spanx’s butt-lifting pair that I wear to death. But recently, I spotted Garner out on her daily walk in LA, and aside from her usual leggings-and-workout-jacket combo, she added in an unexpected accessory: leg warmers!

Before you say, “Eva! Leg warmers? I don’t get it!” hear me out, because I think Garner is on to something big here. The retro accessory is clearly a fit for the trending balletcore fashion movement that’s showing zero signs of going away. In the art of ballet, the accessory is typically worn over tights, so really, the actress’s move of layering it over leggings isn’t all that strange. In fact, I’m going to do it the next time I step out for my walk. But given the popularity of ballet-inspired attire, leg warmers seem to be a natural next ‘It’ item that’s about to get so much attention.

V28 Long Leg Warmers

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Urban Outfitters Out From Under Ribbed Long Leg Warmers

<p>Urban Outfitters</p>
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Calzedonia Geometric Pattern Leg Warmers

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” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTY0MQ–/” class=”caas-img”/>

Leg warmers are obviously functional. They add some much-needed warmth to an area that can be prone to brisk, chilly wind — especially if you’re wearing sneakers or boots with a lower shaft. But, aside from the practical aspect, the accessory is a strong ode to the ’80s, which was refreshed on the 2023 runways. It also adds a cute, quirky touch to any look, whether it’s a pair of leggings that lean more into an activewear moment or colorful tights-and-leg-warmers that pay homage to ballerinas.

Honestly, Garner convinced me that I’m seriously missing out on something special — aka leg warmers. Given the fact that I walk outside a lot (even in the wintertime), and deal with cold calves more than I should be, I’m adding this retro accessory to my closet, stat. Shop some of the leg warmers I’m eyeing below.

Pareberry Long Leg Warmers

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” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTY0MQ–/” class=”caas-img”/>

Free People Ballet School Leg Warmers

<p>Free People</p>
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Alo Yoga Goddess Leg Warmers

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