The 1-Ingredient Upgrade for Better Guacamole (Works Every Time)

IMHO, the best guacamole always has this.

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At almost any gathering I’m throwing, guacamole is on the menu—ask anyone who knows me. It is easy to put together, it’s well-loved by all, and in my (not so) humble opinion, I make a pretty mean guac.

I like the flavor of my guacamole to be very assertive. I go heavy on the salt and lime juice because the downfall of any guacamole is not having enough seasoning. As for spice, I used to only use fresh jalapeños. I’d mince up about half a pepper to highlight the other flavors without stealing the spotlight.

As with most discoveries in the kitchen, I came upon the secret to making my favorite guacamole by accident. When I reached into the fridge for the jalapeño I had set aside for guac, I saw that it had spoiled. I did a quick scan of the condiments in my fridge and grabbed a jar of pickled jalapeños believing it to be the next best option. Little did I know that adding chopped pickled jalapeños to guacamole is the best—I’ve never looked back.

Not only do pickled jalapeños add spice (but in a mellow way), they are brined in vinegar and salt, which highlights the other flavors in the guacamole. I also add a splash of the jalapeño pickle brine. The acidity of the brine balances out the rich avocado, adds flavor, and helps prevent browning.

Not the Sugary Kind of Pickled Jalapeños

If you want to give this a try, make sure the pickled jalapeños you use do not contain sugar. I find the sweetness a bit off-putting for this application.

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My 5 Tips for Making the Best Guacamole

Aside from adding my secret ingredient, here are my tips for the best guacamole:

  1. Plan Ahead: There is nothing worse than trying to make guacamole with avocados that are hard as rocks. If you are planning to make guacamole, buy the avocados in advance so they have a few days to ripen.

  2. Season Well: I like to season my avocado with salt, lime, and pickled jalapeños before mashing. I think the salt and acid help to break the avocado down and also ensure the seasoning is distributed evenly.

  3. Tame the Bite: I use yellow onion in my guacamole and let it sit with a little lime juice or pickle brine before mixing it into the guacamole. This helps to take the edge off the raw onion flavor.

  4. Go Seedless: I find tomatoes on the vine are best in terms of texture and flavor for guacamole. Just be sure to remove all the seeds before dicing them. This will keep your guac from spoiling.

  5. Keep It Green: If I am making my guacamole in advance, I find the best way to keep it from browning is to cover the entire surface in a thin layer of olive oil—the spray olive oil from Trader Joe’s is great for this! Then, press plastic wrap directly onto the surface before storing in the fridge.

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