The Snack Travis Kelce Can ‘Eat a Whole Box Of’ Anytime

Plus, 4 others he and his brother Jason love.

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If you had to rank your favorite cereals, what would your top five be? Perhaps not something most of us think about, even as we pour a bowl each morning, but on “New Heights,” Travis and Jason Kelce’s podcast, the brothers answered the query with their typical aplomb.

And their shared number one isn’t Kelce’s Crunch, a limited edition Hy-Vee exclusive. “It’s like putting yourself on your own Mt. Rushmore. You just can’t do it,” said Travis.

Instead, the pair revealed, in sync, that their mutual favorite cereal is Reese’s Puffs. Notably, they pronounce it “Reesies,” which has been proven to be incorrect by both speech experts and the brand itself. “Dude, it’s undefeated,” said Travis.

“It’s just candy in cereal form,” added Jason.

“I could eat a whole box right now—put it in a popcorn bowl and just…add the entire gallon of milk to it and just walk it,” said Travis with conviction.

The Kelce Brothers’ Top 5 Favorite Cereals, Ranked

The pair started their roundup at number five. Travis said that Apple Jacks is “always consistent.” Meanwhile, Jason broke with the brothers’ preference for sugary cereals by naming Cheerios. Well, kind of. Travis revealed that their family kept a “pot of…sugar” on the table to make the healthier breakfast more palatable to the pair.

In fourth place, Travis chose Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries. “If I was a child, I would have said the same thing,” joked Jason. As a worldly adult, he chose regular Cap’n Crunch instead. “Even though it does cut the s*** out of the roof of your mouth.”

“You can’t beat the marshmallows,” Travis said of his number three pick, Lucky Charms. Jason disagreed, sharing his affinity for Cinnamon Toast Crunch. “That’s probably my number two,” said Travis. Jason’s number two? Lucky Charms.

“Does that mean we’re officially besties?” asked the Cinnamon Toast Crunch account on TikTok. Not quite, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. We hear there’s a certain pop star that Travis likes even more than Reese’s Puffs.

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