This Ornament Hack Is So Simple, It Will Instantly Elevate Your Tree

We’re big fans of upgrading your current Christmas decor on a budget and want to encourage you to do the same. With the new decorating trend that uses velvet ribbon bows as an elegant (and easy) Christmas tree decoration, the latest viral ornament upgrade is a no-brainer to try.

Using ribbon helps to create a cohesive color and texture palette without needing to purchase several new sets of ornaments. If you’re fond of tree ornaments but are still looking for more simple ways to upgrade your tree decorations this holiday season, all you’ll need to do is replace your ornament’s string with ribbon.

Just take it from Instagram user @mrs.vesnatanasic, who demonstrates this trend by adding a medium-thick gold velvet ribbon to each of her dark red ornaments. The look is subtle but luxurious, and helps to (literally) tie her tree together.

To create this look, you’ll first need to untie or cut off the string on the top of your ornament. Then, thread your ribbon of choice through the ornament’s top where the string was.


Medium to thick velvet ribbon is by far the most popular choice for this holiday season, but any ribbon texture and color that matches your theme will work perfectly.

Before cutting the ribbon, make sure you have enough length to tie it and still have extra space when hanging it from a tree branch. If the ribbon’s hanging loop is too small, it will crowd the ornament up next to the branch—ornaments should have a little extra space between their top and the branch so that they can float in between branches and show off their color clearly.

To finish off the ornament, just tie the ribbon to close the loop and cut off any excess. You can leave the knot at the top of the ornament since it will be hidden by the tree branch it hangs from, or (if your ribbon is thin enough) you can slide the knot down to the base of the ornament and hide it inside the ornament’s top.

Just make sure your knot is tight before sliding it around—if it loosens up, the weight of the ornament will fully untie it once it’s hung from a tree branch.

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If you want to match your new ribbon-tie ornaments to other velvet bows on your tree this year, you can also tie the ribbon in a bow when knotting it. You’ll need extra length on your ribbon to achieve this, but this will make it look like there are additional bows on your tree branches that match your ornaments.

Another option is to create a bow that will rest over the ornament’s top. This is a good option if the top of your ornament doesn’t match the ribbon (like if your tops are silver when you’re trying to go for a gold theme). It can also help to create a more cohesive theme between any bows on your tree and your hanging ornaments.

Even if you’re going with only ornaments this year, bows are by far the simplest way to further upgrade the look of your ornaments.

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