Wendy’s to Debut Brand New Frosty Flavor Just In Time for Spring

Wendy’s Frosty

Wendy’s is delighting its fans once again with an announcement that the eatery is debuting a brand new Frosty flavor next month!

According to food blogger Markie Devo, who often gets the early drop and inside scoop on fast food and snack news, “Wendy’s woke up with an orange dreamsicle mindset.”

“Introducing the next limited time only Frosty ‘Orange Dreamsicle’. 🍊🥤,” the caption of an Instagram post shared on Wednesday, Feb. 7, read. “Although no specifics are available for the ingredients, one can only imagine it will contain a vanilla base mixed with orange syrup.”

The social media upload further stated that the frozen delectable will be available at participating locations nationwide starting March 13, and that intel was provided via a “Wendy’s employee.”

On Reddit, however, one account “dedicated to anything and everything about Wendy’s” noted the limited-edition offering will launch on March 19th, versus the 13th, so it’s unclear when exactly it’ll be available for purchase.

It also divulged, “Unfortunately vanilla will be unavailable while the Orange Dreamsicle Frosty is live.”

However, in the Instagram comment section of the newly unveiled Frosty flavor, fans seemed delighted at the possibility of yet another tasty treat option.

“Ooooooooo, this is calling my name!!! 😍🔥🙌🏼,” one exclaimed, while another said, “I love having a rotating Frosty flavor each season,” before campaigning for the next addition to the lineup: “Here’s hoping they’ll do Peach in the summer. 🤞🏼”

“I love creamsicle so hopefully they do it right!” a third wrote, while a fourth agreed, “Im here for it 🔥.”

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But while many are anticipating the welcome of the latest new flavor, several others are disappointed at the idea that making room for Orange Creamsicle means letting go of classic Vanilla, yet again.

“NOOO, THIS MEANS. THEY’RE GOING TO TAKE THE VANILLA AWAY AGAIN THEY JUST PUT IT BACK😭,” someone lamented, as another echoed that sentiment: “Dude we just got vanilla back!!”

“At this point Wendy’s needs to add a third frosty machine to its stores. It is nonsensical to not have Vanilla year-round,” an additional fan suggested.

There’s no official word on when customers can expect the sweet and fruity ice cream beverage to hit Frosty machines at the popular fast food dining spot, but for now, somewhere in mid-March is a safe bet, if the social media banter is anything to go by, that is. Until then, Vanilla fans can still get their hands on the classic item until the new flavor on the block makes its grand debut.

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