‘Why did I never think of that?’ This 5-second viral skirt trick will instantly make your Christmas tree look better this year

It’s that magical time of year where my Instagram feed is taken over with Christmas trees and, in this year’s crop, there’s one trend I’m noticing more than any other – the alternative base. It seems the traditional Christmas tree skirt is falling out of favor for other ideas, and we’ve seen trees in everything from planters, baskets and even on raised platforms and tables.

It makes a Christmas tree feel a little more like an indoor plant, rather than a classic Christmas tree – something that can make your decor look more elevated, and even a faux Christmas tree look a little more realistic.

But if you’re putting your Christmas tree up now and haven’t pre-planned any clever Christmas decorating ideas to switch up your tree base, what are you to do? Well, we spotted this so-simple-it’s-genius hack from viral social media star Drew Michael Scott which has so inspired us. It doesn’t require you to buy anything new, and it only takes a few seconds.

A simple tree skirt hack

Drew, who is the creative force behind Lone Fox Home, is a fan of a Christmas tree skirt alternative, but with a little change in perspective, he shows quickly how you can turn an existing tree skirt into something that feels a little more on-trend.

‘Year after year I share my Christmas tree in this basket,’ Drews share in an Instagram reel, ‘but believe it or not, it’s not actually a basket, it’s a tree collar. Tree collars are marketed with the top being skinnier and the bottom being wider – but if you simply flip your tree collar, it makes a basket shape.’

‘One year, I was like why have I never thought to flip this before?’ Drew adds. ‘No one knows there’s no bottom to it!’ It’s a small point of difference, but undoubtedly it changes the whole feel of the tree – and his followers certainly agree.

It’s such a simple Christmas tree idea really, but Drew still has some advice on how to make it work. ‘Just insert the base of your tree and built it how you traditionally would,’ he says. ‘You might also have to put the base down first and the tree collar over the top to make it fit.’

‘Decorate it, slip a blanket over the top of the base and you’re good to go,’ he concludes.

It’s a trick you can do with any tree skirt, but it looks best with a woven style – it’s such a clever alternative to trying to squeeze your tree base into an actual wicker basket!

Woven basket tree collar

Price: $66

Hearth and Hand Christmas tree collar

Price: $41.99
Size: 26″

St. Nicholas Square wicker tree collar

Price: $35.99
Size: 27″